Collection: Hot and cold packs for breastfeeding

Hot and cold packs for breastfeeding

Hot and cold packs for breastfeeding

Use cold to numb away soreness and reduce swelling. Use warm to increase milk flow and increase blood circulation.

Whether you’re facing breastfeeding challenges or experiencing post-op discomfort, you’ll never feel left out with our hot and cold breast and postpartum packs designed to fulfill all your needs. Our packs ensure superb coverage and potent yet drug-free treatment for sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, clogged milk ducts, and other types of swelling and inflammation associated with childbirth.

Soft, comfortable sleeves protect your skin from our patented gel pack that remains flexible straight from the freezer and keeps warm longer than the competition.

It’s not by chance that our products are a cult-favorite among first-time (and nth-time) mothers.

At Magic Gel, high quality does not mean high cost, and you’ll be surprised how competitive our prices are. So hurry and get one today to enjoy 10% off on your initial purchase!

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Our hot and cold gel packs are made with you in mind, perfectly designed for your lifestyle.