Collection: Ligament Injuries

Get fast and effective pain relief for your ligaments with Magic Gel

Ligament Injuries

Move with ease again! Magic Gel's ligament ice packs provide fast and comfortable pain relief

In sports, those who play through pain are hailed as heroes. That shouldn’t be the case in real life. Overcome pain with our selection of gel packs for every joint and muscle ache caused by tendonitis, sports injuries, and other conditions that stifle your body movements.

Our multi-purpose ice packs stay flexible at freezing temperatures and keep warm longer than the competition. They fit seamlessly in every part of your body for accelerated healing. Chill them to manage pain, soreness and inflammation, or warm them to soothe stiff joints and muscles.

CE-marked and FDA-approved, our products are used by Olympic athletes and trusted by medical professionals and loyal customers worldwide. They never back down against contrasting temperatures and sustained use for several years, so you’re always ready for your next bout.

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