Collection: Face Ice Packs

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Face Ice Packs

Put on a brave face and get proper pain relief from facial discomfort with Magic Gel packs!

Let's face it: facial discomfort brings all levels of unpleasantness to a higher notch. The swelling, inflammation and bruising not only feels awfully horrid, it also broadcasts the fact that you look the part as well.

We've been in the business of combating aches and pains for a decade, and we are fully aware of the sensitive nature of facial discomfort, swelling, or injuries. Whether you need post-surgery care or just needing a soothing pack for allergies, our facial ice packs were designed for you to quickly and safely get pain relief so you can be up and seeing people face to face again soon.

All of Magic Gel's products are FDA-approved and CE marked and are used worldwide in professional centres. This means that your face gets professional, hospital-grade treatment right at home. We ship in 2-4 days straight to your doorstep, so you’ll be ready to face the day soon!