Collection: Wrist ice packs

Wrist ice packs

Wrist ice packs

The power of pain relief, in your hands

It's quite challenging when your wrists are tied from pain. We use our hands for most tasks, and they are pretty much immobile without the use of our wrists.

Aside from pain management, we are also passionate about making life easier for people. So we have different kinds of ice packs for wrist pain. Whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or have sprained or injured your wrist from a physical activity, our ice packs are the perfect companion on your road to pain-free recovery.

All our ice packs are flexible and have straps that comfortably adjust to your hands and wrists so you retain mobility while healing.
Our products are FDA-approved and are CE marked, and are used in medical centres worldwide.

We deliver straight to your doorstep in 2-3 days. Order now and experience pain relief by Magic Gel, so you'll know that we're a cut above the wrist!