Collection: Beauty treatment ice packs

Beauty treatment ice packs

Beauty treatment ice packs

Confidence is beauty. Add more today.

Iconic French designer Coco Chanel has famously said that there are no ugly people in the world, just lazy ones. While we agree, we also would like to add that you don't really need to work so hard at being beautiful. Here at Magic Gel, we like to make things convenient for everyone be it pain relief or self-care.

From facial packs to eye masks and hair gel packs, we have a range of self-care essentials designed to make pampering an easy, safe and comfortable task for you. Whether your goal is to reduce facial swelling, get rid of eye bags or have silkier, lustrous hair, our packs work hot or cold, and they contour perfectly around the head and facial area.

This is self-care made easy by Magic Gel. We not only manage pain, we also make the world a prettier place, one ice pack at a time.