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Magic Gel takes away the pains of parenting so you can focus on what really matters.

Parenting may not come with a manual, but you can arm yourself with gel packs and we reckon that's almost the same thing. No parenting years are complete without breastfeeding pains, teething, bruising, and a lot of crying. Our goal is quite simple: to make life easier and pain-free for you and your children so we'd like to be with you during those moments of discomfort.

Whether you need pain-relief assistance after childbirth, comfort from hours of breastfeeding, or your child is teething or nursing a bump or a fever, we've got an ice pack created just for those times.
All of our products are FDA-approved and CE marked, making them a popular choice among households and medical centres worldwide.

We know your hands are full so we deliver our items in 2-4 days, straight to your door. We'll take care of the growing pains, so you can enjoy parenting without the trap.