Collection: Ice Packs for Children

Your child’s best boo boo buddies

Ice Packs for Children

Finally, pain relief will be a child's play with Magic Gel's Ice Packs for children!

We believe in letting kids be kids but when it comes to injuries, we certainly do not kid around in giving them pain relief. There's no better music to the ears than children's laughter so it is our mission to bring them back to the brink of health.

Whether your child is suffering from teething, fever, bumps, scratches, nose bleed or heat rash, we've got them covered with our children's ice packs. Yes, our packs do cover a wide range of discomfort and injuries - cheaper by the dozen, they say!

What does not come cheap though, is our commitment to quality. All of our award-winning products are FDA-approved and CE marked and are frequently used around health centres worldwide.

Our products are shipped right to your doorstep in 2-4 days. In no time, rambunctious play and chaos will be right back in your home. Our pleasure and apologies in advance.