Collection: Ice Packs for Cats and Dogs

Give your pets soothing pain relief with Magic Gel

Ice Packs for Cats and Dogs

Give your pet top-notch soothing and safe pain relief from Magic Gel. We're not kitten!

We're all quite paw-sitively in love with our furry friends who give us joy and happiness. That's why it's heartbreaking to see them in discomfort and pain. So we'll let the cat out of the bag just this once: here at Magic Gel, we've got ice packs for cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Whether they're nursing injuries, suffering from illness, or simply getting hot and irritable from the weather -- we've got a myriad of ice packs and mats that will give soothing relief to your pets.

Our promise of quality products extend beyond our human consumers so all our pet ice packs are also FDA-approved and CE marked, so your pets are given the royal pain relief treatment at home.

Get your product in 2-4 days, delivered straight to your door. Order now and secure your position in your pet's heart as top dog even more!

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