Collection: Perineum Ice Packs

Magic Gel offers fast and convenient pain relief down under

Get pain relief in the most sensitive parts with Magic Gel's perineum ice packs

We're quite an inclusive and diverse bunch here at Magic Gel. We believe that all body parts matter, and when it comes to pain management, no body part is too hidden or too down under to attend to.

From post-childbirth care, to vasectomy, to hemorrhoids, we've got gel packs specifically created and designed to give pain relief in parts where sunshine is scarce.

We take great pride in our products, and because these perinium gel packs are for pain relief to the most sensitive regions in the body, we made sure that they are FDA-approved and CE marked, just like the rest of our product range. Our products are non-toxic and comfortable, making them a popular choice among households and medical centres worldwide.

As experts in pain relief, it's our pride and joy to see our clients happy and pain free from their heads, toes, and everything in between.

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