Collection: Bursitis

Magic Gel Ice Packs offer fast and safe pain relief from joint aches and bursitis


Bust bursitis and kiss joint pains goodbye with Magic Gel's safe, reusable and comfortable ice packs!

Bursitis can strike hard to reach areas like your hip, elbow, shoulder, knee, and heel joints. But with Magic Gel, no body part is too hard to mold into, thanks to our selection of hot and cold gel packs that stay ultra flexible in freezing temperatures. You get the best of both therapeutic worlds, as it is both potent whether used warm or cold.

Fitting close to your body, our split-resistant packs and neoprene wraps discharge targeted compression that’s proven to accelerate healing. Apply them anywhere to experience immediate relief on contact.
What’s more, all our products are endorsed by medical practitioners and approved by FDA.

Grab one today to enjoy our irresistible deals, plus, you get a free gel pack and a 10% off on your initial purchase!

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Our hot and cold gel packs are made with you in mind, perfectly designed for your lifestyle.