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Premium Back Pain Ice Pack (Hot and Cold)

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Get 'back' from your back pain. Use your wrap to soothe your lower back muscles, giving you instant ice cold or soothing warm relief at anytime, anywhere. Recommended for arthritis, tailbone, degenerative disc disease and general back pain.
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Product Details

Luxury, Reusable Hot & Cold Gel pack

Proven Pain Relief

Spinal therapists recommend using heat and cold packs for therapy as the best way to reduce inflammation. The Magic Gel pad and strap provides compression designed specifically for upper and low back injuries.

For the fastest Recovery

Medical studies have shown a cold pack boosts healing and accelerates recovery times. If you are recovering from surgery, struggling with general aches and pains or have spinal or cervical discomfort – this pack and wearable brace will speed up your recovery time and reduce pain.

Targeted pain relief for:

  • Upper Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Cervical Radiculopathy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Conditions occurring from overuse

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet

Flexible From Frozen

With the thickest viscosity gel, the pack remains pliable straight from the freezer. The flexibility allows the pack to contour around your back and sit against the specific area that is causing you discomfort. Furthermore, you’ll find we have the CE mark and are registered with the FDA for your piece of mind.

High Quality, Hand Stitched Products

You’ll get a minimum of 2 years of safe, leak free use from the gel packs – if you expereince a problem within this period we’re always be just an email away with assistance if needed.

Long Lasting Warmth

For muscle spasms and treatments we recommend warm/hot use. The gel packs can be warmed in the microwave or hot water and stay warm up to 18 minutes. Safe, leak free with a 2 year replacement promise!

Two Pack!

You will receive two gel packs (both identical except for the colour) – so you can keep one in the pouch, and one in the fridge or freezer ready for when you need it.

Quick Q&A

How long does it stay frozen?

About 30 minutes per application, though it depends on the ambient temerature of your living room. We'll send you two ice packs, so you can keep one in the freezer whilst wearing the other one.

What's your shipping and handling policy?

We'll ship same day if we receive your order before 2pm, you'll see in the checkout the estimated delivery date. You can pay a little extra for speedy delivery and the amount of that varies from product to product.

What's the return policy if it's broken - or if I just don't like it?

First of all you should know that just about everyone loves this product so we hope that you will too. If you're not satisfied for any reason you can send it back for a full refund. We ask that you pay for the return postage though. If you find the product to be defective, we'll send you a free replacement.

Can you lay down with it on?

Yes, you can use it lying down or moving around - doing whatever you need to do!

Can you leave it in the freezer if you're not using it?

Yes absolutely, the gel packs can be permantely stored in the freezer ready to be used when you are ready to use them.

What is circumference of belt?

It's 46 inches in total. Because of the strong velcro it's a great fit for larger and smaller waist sizes. If you're a little smaller you can wrap it around itself to make it nice and tight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
catherine smith
Never received

It never arrived


If I could give zero stars I would. We never received this item. When we queried where it was they cancelled the order and gave us a refund. Never even offered to resend. Will not be buying from this company


great product

Carl Gardeman
Great Ice Pack for my back

The best ice pack I have ever used for my back. Comes with two gel packs, that are easy to put into the sleeve that straps to your back. You can sit, walk around, do anything while icing. I highly recommend it. I have been through a lot of ice packs over the years and this is by far the best.

Cool Pack Leaks

The cool pack has starting leaking gel in less than one month's use. The support is comfortable and easy to use, but I am very disappointed in the quality of the cool pack. It started leaking in one corner.I have reached out to the seller, and they have honored their warranty. They not only replaced the gel pack, but they also replaced the entire set. I give them 100% for customer service.