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Get safe sports pain management with Magic Gel

Sporting ice packs

Be in the best of your game with Magic Gel's effective sporting ice packs!

Sports and injury almost go hand-in-hand. While we're all a good sport, we fully understand the frustration of being hampered by an injury when one has to play.

We know you are itching to get back on the game, so to get the ball rolling, browse through our collection of sporting ice packs. We created these ice packs to provide pain relief to every kind of sport imaginable.

Whether you've sustained injuries from cycling, basketball, running or boxing, we've got a specific ice pack for your aches and pains.

All of our ice packs are flexible and contours snugly around the affected area so you can maintain mobility whilst healing.

Our products are all FDA-approved and CE marked and are used worldwide by medical professionals and athletes. Order now and receive your product in 2-4 days, straight to your door. Experience the lasting relief of Magic Gel so the ball is always in your court!

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