Collection: Sports injury hot and cold packs

Sports injury hot and cold packs

Sports injury hot and cold packs

Use hot packs to increase blood flow, soothe pain and relax muscles. Use cold to numb away soreness and irritation.

Don’t let pain stop you from staying in the game. A fit lifestyle is crucial to maintaining long-term health, so we created special sports injury hot and cold packs to help you keep on moving. From pulled muscles to impact injuries, we’ve got you covered with convenient solutions that fit in your gym bag. Our olympic athlete-approved gel packs can be used for hot and cold application to soothe muscle pain, reduce swelling from impact or strain, and help you feel better fast.

MagicGel is an industry-disrupting gel pack manufacturer that ships directly to your door. We offer innovative gel packs for pulled muscles, post-op wounds, and everything in between. CE Marked, Registered with the FDA as a medical device, trusted by medical professionals and hospital staff and equivalent to ~$700 hospital gel packs. We’ve got your back (and anything else that hurts).

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