Collection: Dry eyes ice packs

Get hospital-grade relief from pain with Magic Gel’s safe and non-toxic ice packs

Dry eyes ice packs

Banish dry and irritated eyes! Those peepers deserve fast and soothing relief from Magic Eye packs

If you've been yearning to wake up to bright, clear eyes, you can stop daydreaming now. We hate to shatter dreams but we're giving you a far brighter reality: to banish all eye irritations comfortably and safely.

There's nothing more annoying than not being able to see the light because of dry, crusty, red or irritated eyes. Our safe pack made specifically for the eyes works both as a cold and warm compress. This makes it effective in providing fast soothing relief to irritated and dry eyes.

Being FDA-approved and CE marked, all of Magic Gel's products are used frequently in medical centres worldwide. We'd love for you to have this kind of hospital-grade relief right at your doorstep so we also offer quick delivery. Order now and get used to seeing a future so bright. Just don't forget the sunnies. Turn around, bright eyes!

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