Collection: Upper Back Ice Packs

Upper Back Ice Packs

Upper Back Ice Packs

We've got your back! Get pain relief with Magic Gel's upper back ice packs

If you're going back and forth with upper back pain for some time now, we are right behind you.

Our goal here at Magic Gel is to help you get back on your feet by managing pain effectively. Upper back pain affects most of us so we have created a range of ice packs that target pain in this area safely.

All of our upper back ice packs are flexible and can contour around the back, shoulders and other areas quite snugly. Some of our ice packs also come with adjustable straps so you can remain mobile whilst getting pain relief.

All our products have undergone meticulous quality check and are FDA-approved and CE marked. They are also used worldwide by many medical professionals and athletes.

We ship items straight to your door in 2-4 days. Experience relief by Magic Gel and get over pain like water off a duck's back.!