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Deep-Conditioning Cordless Hair Cap for Softer, Nourished, Hydrated Hair

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No one's born with gorgeous hair, but one can beauty sleep their way to healthy, lush locks with our deep-conditioning thermal hair cap. Take a quick nap while wearing the cap and wake up to smoother, stronger and softer hair. Even Sleeping Beauty didn't have it this good!

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Product Details



Help the hair absorb more nutrients from the conditioner. Expect increased elasticity, smoother, softer and stronger hair in just 3 applications.


The thermal heat allows your conditioner to penetrate deep into the follicle (even with low porosity hair). This opens the scalp naturally to allow the oil in your treatment to do it's magic.


  • Curly Hair
  • Kinky Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Straight Hair

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet


The steam performs the same beauty regime that you receive in a Salon in the comfort of your own home. There is no electric parts or plugs, it’s all microwavable, portable, handheld and safe.


The professional haircare choice. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the friendly Youtube beauty bloggers RAVE about our natural hot activated cap.


Magic Gel have been selling gel filled packs for over 10 years. This hair heat cap has gotten over 1,000 reviews and been sold over 10,000 times around the world. Your hair is in safe hands.


First apply your conditioner to damp hair, then one of the (3) included disposable shower caps. Next, heat the gel cap in the microwave for 1 minute then put it on your bonnet for 15 minutes. Remove, wash out your shampoo and voila! Deep conditioned hair!

Quick Q&A

The description states that there are 3 disposable caps included. Is this not true?

It has the main red colour cap, plus three disposable shower caps underneath. The disposable caps are used to stop any hair products from damaging your heat cap.

Does this work for cellophane treatment/dye?

Yeah sure, just as long as your not using it to dye your hair, but instead using the heat cap to condition her that is dyed. It works for all hair types and styles.

Is a plastic cap included?

Yes, 3 disposable caps are included.

Is this cap impregnated with any kind of moisturiser - or is it simply the actual steam that makes it work?

No this is not impregnated with any conditioners. The cap has a gel filling that heats up in the microwave, you apply your own deep conditioner and put the plastic cap on then the heated cap.

Can you leave the cap on for more than 15mins?

Yes that would be fine. Personally I always leave it on for up to 30 mins. I just have to pop it back in the microwave in between.

Can I use more than once a week?

Yes you can use it in accordance with whatever deep conditioning hair regime you wish!

What is the minimum size head this would stay in place with? Mine is 21.5"/54.5 cm and I don't want it to be too loose?

That’s absolutely fine, it will fit just fine. I use this for both my daughter and myself. You won’t have to worry about it being too loose.

Do you have to use the disposable plastic cap?

It depends what you have on your hair. I usually have a hair mask/ oils so I use the plastic cap to keep it clean. If my hair is just a little wet from water then I wouldn’t have to use the cap. It is however recommended to use the cap as it helps the hair more.

How do you wash these type of hair cap? Is it washing machine safe? Don’t want it to smell like old coconut oil!

Just using regular soap and water. You shouldn't need to wash it too frequently providing you use the included disposable shower caps. It is not washing machine safe

My hair is frizzy will this help the effectiveness of my conditioner?

Yes definitely, I have naturally dry curly hair and it definitely does help the conditioner/ treatment penetrate the hair , I use it with my treatment & cap once a week & i wrap a turby towel over it to keep it snug as well.

Do you need microwave to heat it up?

Yes you need to use a microwave.

Doesn't heat damage, so how would this work?

Yes excessive heat does damage especially direct heat but not with the cap. By using the cap while your hair is wet the heat allows your hair cuticles to open and the product to penetrate better. If you're worried about heat damage the same thing can be accomplished by doing a regular deep condition but just using a plain shower cap, and heat from your own body. However I've done both but the results (moisture) from the heat cap were so much better!

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Shushma Rai
Good quality heat cap

Great hair heat treatment cap. Will be using with shower cap. Heated for 30second & another 30 second- it was warm for 20 min

angie denicola
It works

Stays on head good

Jackie TR
Great Results

This cap fits well and snug where it does not come off. Mine stayed warm for about 20 minutes with 40 seconds in the microwave. If I would have know the results of my hair afterwards, I would have purchased sooner. I washed my hair as usual. Instead of a shower cap after conditioning, I used this cap. OMG! My hair was so soft afterwards and easy to comb through. This is just what my hair needed. I can't wait to see the long term results. Better yet, I received an email from a live person after I received the cap. A real live person! That is rare and made an even better difference when deciding on my next purchase.

Melissa RosarioMelissa Rosario
Recibido conforme

Excelente, puedo utilizarlo en los clientes sin necesidad de colocarles en el secador de cabello,

GREAT product!!!

I love this cap! It allows you to move around and take care of business instead of having to sit still under a dryer. My hair felt really soft and moisturized afterwards. I'd definitely recommend this product!